In a Nation like India there are two types of wonderful people and both have their own reservations and wonders.

One are self proclaimed fighters with corruption, irresponsible politics and poverty are those who highly connect with social and political changes but this class wonders when it gets no response on their calls from Indian youth & global generation who is more connected with world and seems less aware and worried about their own nation.

Other class of “Global Indian Generation Next” start their child hood with mms, facebook, play stations, e-learning and finalise their life direction some where between IBM, Accenture, Engineering, Banking or a multinational employer which provides them minimum direct contact with Indian Government in their personal & professional life.

This class of “Global Indian Generation Next” holds majority and wonders why people waste their energy, time and life after fighting for such reforms while they know its not possible and even if happened its hardly going to make any difference. Another strong believe of this class is that all ruling, oppositions and so called anti-politician social works fighters against corruption all of them are equally corrupt and there are no hopes of administrative reforms.

While “Anti Corruption Social Reformers” claims that they are trying their best to wake sleeping masses because if they did not raised their voice this falling corrupt system will hollow this nation from inside. But they wonder the ignorance of other class.



One thought on “Oral Bites & Moral Heights

  1. “Social Rights of a person includes all rights regardless of gender, religion, nationality, class, cast, creed, region or any other discrimination. It further includes transparency in the right of equality, reservations, reliefs and welfare of poor and down trodden people who are mostly affected and dependent on welfare programmes of government and global agencies.”

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