Domestic Violence against women

Another rape on streets of New Delhi India – Long years ago Mahatma Gandhi commented that real freedom is one “where woman can walk in the streets at mid night and return safely”. With what a depth and understanding he made such a comment! In all probability, such an observation tends to be dismissed as impractical to-day. But symbolically that statement of Mahatma shows us the standards of safety to be achieved. Our country is a country where even when a criminal is caught on camera committed the crime, he can argue and win contending that the footage is doctored! If the person committing the crime is rich and powerful, the chances are that he will never be brought to book. The entire machinery works overtime to offer advice and support so that such person escapes. Even when convicted, there are bright chances that such person will be let off without serving the sentence as a special case! Finally when such people are allowed to escape and mingle in the society, it is probable that they will repeat the crimes, this time with even more ingenuity. When that is likely to be the outcome of conviction, nobody would dare to give evidence in the first place. Coming out of the this whirlpool and putting in place a robust mechanism is going to be no easy task. But let us hope that this country has an illustrious past and that it will find some way by tracking statistics of such cases when they reach courts after months & weeks of incident.


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